The Global Forgiveness Initiative!

My publisher, Findhorn Press, recently told me the excellent news that my book Forgiveness is Power has been picked up by a Chinese publisher (Come Together Press, an imprint of Walkers Cultural Enterprises Ltd., Taiwan)  and by an Indian publisher (Vikas Publishing). This confirmed my belief that the material in the book has potentially global appeal as it works in any culture. I now feel inspired to take this Forgiveness work to the next level.

To this end, I have extracted the core exercise from Forgiveness is Power and am launching it as an ebook, Four Steps to Forgiveness, available simultaneously in over 20 languages.

I am providing these under a project which called the The Global Forgiveness Initiative. (I picked that name, because it sounds so impressive!)

As it is an ebook, and can be read on mobile devices, therefore the initial translations are for the languages of all countries with more than 50 million mobile phone users. How many of the languages can you recognise? 


As well as being available, from 2nd Jan 2015, through the usual channels such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc., the ebooks are available for free to individuals or groups working for social betterment. If you, or your organisation, can use Forgiveness techniques as part of helping and empowering others, please contact me: wfm (at) iwp (dot) net


tn_4stepscover-filipino-tagalog tn_4stepscover-bengalitn_4stepscove-japanesetn_4stepscover-italiantn_4stepscover-french


The Four Steps to Forgiveness is an ebook extracted from my book Forgiveness is Power, published by Findhorn Press (ISBN: 978-1-84409-628-2). I am providing the Four Steps to Forgiveness in different languages to help spread the ability to forgive as widely as possible.  

tn_4stepscover-portuguese tn_4stepscover-persian tn_4stepscover-korean tn_4stepscover-vietnamese tn_4stepscover-turkish tn_4stepscover-indonesian

If you want to use the Four Steps to Forgiveness but do not see it in the language you want, contact me and I will see what I can do.



Row 1: English, Arabic, Hebrew, , Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Spanish, 

Row 2: Filipino (Tagalog),  Bengali,  Japanese*, Hindi, Italian, French

Row 3: Portuguese (Brazilian ),  Persian (Farsi), Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish, Indonesian, 

Row 4: Russian, German, Thai

*available soon (along Ukranian, Polish and Urdu which are not shown) . All others available now. More languages will be included in 2015.

I will also be looking at offering a multilingual app on Four Steps to Forgiveness.

To help spread the word, please let others know about this project. 



William Martin, author of Forgiveness is Power, published by Findhorn Press.