Forgiveness is Power

All royalties from my book Forgiveness is Power now go to supporting The Global Forgiveness Initiative charity. If  you want a free taster of  Forgiveness is Power go here (taster available in 20 languages): You can buy Forgiveness is Power on Amazon-US Amazon-UK World-Wide Or search via the ISBN: 1844096289 Also published in Chinese and in India:   You can get it … Read more

Registered charity status

Have sent in the formal application to register as a Scottish Charity under the name the Global Forgiveness Initiative. Thanks to having found two willing and helpful Trustees. Upon getting registered will immediately apply to Google Grants so that we can get a grant to advertise the Forgiveness material. Fingers crossed.

Prayer for a friend

This is my prayer for you. Where is God? God is inside you. God is smiling and shinning through your kindness and goodness. As you become more aware of that goodness you realise that goodness is who you really are. It is also who everyone really is. You realise that that smiling self inside you … Read more

Going Global

Thanks to many wonderful helpers, my ebook Four Steps to Forgiveness is now available in 20 languages (with more on the way). The page helps to direct people to the right translation based on their browser language. Please help spread the word – Forgiveness. Blessings, William

Global Forgiveness Initiative

I am making the core exercise from  my book Forgiveness is Power available as an ebook, Four Steps to Forgiveness. I am having it translated into many languages (over 20 so far). Check it out here.  

Loneliness to Friendship

Friendship is a quality and a skill. Qualities need to be cultivated and skills take practise to learn – this includes the need to make mistakes. Don’t give up practicing because of mistakes. If you want a friend, be a friend. Take the initiative. Extend yourself to others without always expecting something in return. But … Read more

Ho’oponopono: The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual

Ho’oponopono: The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual as the Key to Your Life’s Fulfillment, by Ulrich Dupree. This really wonderful little book, by Ulrich E. Dupree, is deceptively simple. There is a lot packed into it that is not obvious at first glance. The author presents Ho’oponopono in a heart-felt way, rather than in a very mentally stimulating … Read more

A Course in Miracles

The Course in Miracles is a wonderfully profound set of teaching based on the theme of Forgiveness. Its main aims are to set us free from fear; free from fear of the future, free from fear of other people and above all free from fear of God. It is mainly a set of 365 lessons … Read more

Forgive for Good by Frederic Luskin

Dr Frederic Luskin is doing wonderful work in helping to bring the study and application of forgiveness to a wider audience. He is also doing an admirable job of bringing to light the wonderful benefits which forgiveness brings. This is a very practical book which combines compelling research results with useful exercises which can help us … Read more

When you Should NOT Forgive

Most of us are brought up to believe that it is right to forgive and it is something we “should” do. But let’s look more closely at this as there may well be times when it is better not to forgive. If someone is being pushy and demanding our forgiveness, “C’mon get over it!”. Is … Read more

Forgiveness in Business

The simplest way to tell whether you have forgiveness issues in you work life is to ask yourself, “Am I giving my honest best in my job?”. If you are not, then chances are you are holding back for some reason and that may well mean that you are limiting yourself because of resentment due … Read more