Forgiveness is Power Book


When you forgive you win!

Forgiveness helps you have:

  • Better relationships.
  • More happiness because of less stress, fear and depression.
  • More peace of mind and confidence.
  • It can even help you find a better job – by releasing work-related resentments.

Are you as forgiving as you would like to be?

If not check out the Four Steps to Forgiveness and have a go at the Four Steps to Forgiveness Worksheet to experience for yourself how forgiveness can radically improve your life.

The Four Steps to Forgiveness is available to anyone who wants to use it and it is in process of being translated into all the major languages. The translations will be added here as they become available.

Please use and enjoy the Four Steps to Forgiveness – and share it with anyone who you think might benefit.

Note: The Four Steps to Forgiveness is the core exercise from the book Forgiveness is Power which can help you if you want to be more forgiving. You can order Forgiveness is Power here (U.S.) and here (U.K.). It’s also available via Findhorn Press who can often supply it at local postal rates via their international distribution channel.