Prayer for a friend

This is my prayer for you.

Where is God?
God is inside you.
God is smiling and shinning through your kindness and goodness.

As you become more aware of that goodness you realise that goodness is who you really are.
It is also who everyone really is.

You realise that that smiling self inside you is a powerful spiritual force.
It is the most powerful force in the universe.
It changes everything, for the better.

Maybe fears come up. Maybe anger. Maybe guilt or remorse.
But, none of those things are the real you.
The real you is sitting back, relaxed, drinking a cup of cosmic tea (and eating a nice yummy cosmic scone) and smiling at all of that.

As you become more aware of the goodness inside you your life circumstances change.
You no longer recreate experiences of fear and worry.
You accept anger, but you also easily let it go.
You let go of that cause of anything which is bringing pain or unease into your life.

You are breaking out of any cycles of suffering.
You see any suffering in your life as a chance to go deeper, call upon your inner goodness, bring your smiling self into it, and move beyond suffering to peace and ease.

You are creating a new life for yourself more aligned with your smiling inner self, more in harmony with the goodness within you, and much more fun.

Bless you.

My love to you.